Rate Schedule For Grammy Ann's Daycare

Infants (0-2): 2 Available Now ~ Toddlers (2 +): 4 Available Now

As a Licensed Daycare, we are always looking for new children to fill spots and our openings change daily as our current parents get new jobs, move or get family members to watch their children instead.

At certain times of the year it may be harder to find a day care that has any openings for your child and we urge you to not WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE to choose who will be caring for your child(ren), while you are at work, school, etc. If you do you may find that day care is no longer available anywhere.

Because of this we have started to accept long term applications for entrance into our program. This will guarantee that your child will have a spot available when you are ready to begin care for your family. What we request for this guarantee is as follows: We need to have an interview as soon as possible. Assuming we all agree we can move onto the next step. We request that you fill out our Daycare Agreement with as much information as you possible can such as (shot records, contact information, about my child survey). A deposit equal to at least 1 weeks rate will be required for any position you wish to reserve.

Another service we offer is SPOT HOLDING. If you know you will need care within 30 days and we have an opening we will hold this spot open for your child at a rate of 1/2 our normal fee until you are ready to have your child start. During these 30 days, arrangements can be made for drop in care, where you can pick a few days throughout the month in which you can bring your child to us. This service will help your child begin getting familiar with the sometimes strange world outside your own home, helping ease his/her way into a new environment with new people and children. If you are interested in any of the services listed above, Please use our contact page.

Please call between 8:30 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. Mountain Standard Time, Monday through Saturday, Telephone: 1 (406) 534-2526 or
click on email link provided below. Thank you.